Shaman’s drum, Sami drum, frame drum… Our drums have many names and purposes.

Back in the day Shamans (local healers) used them in treatments and prophecies all around the world. Nowadays these drums are used to meditation, healing, relaxation and just for the fun of playing them.

The sound of the drum has a relaxing effect that helps you clear your thoughts after a busy workday. Playing the drum helps when you’re depressed or angry, the sound and the act of playing when you need to vent your feelings. Add movement and feel your stressed mind grow lighter.

The deep sound dives to the cells of in your body and gives you healing sound therapy which – when combined with meditative drumming – does good for your body and mind.

Our drums are Finnish handcraft. The frame is made of birch plywood and the hide is of Finnish reindeer – undyed or dyed with water based stain. Some of the drums are hand painted by an artist. For the drumstick a dried branch has been fetched from a Finnish forest and fitted with a wool or fabric tip.

The drums is practical, healing, beautiful and unique item for playing and to display.

If you can’t find a drum that suits your wants from our store, we can design and build one to fit your own needs. Unique drum is also a great gift and can be decorated with an image of your choosing. Email us at for more information.